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Thread: Bisley live

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    Bisley live

    Just asking if any fellow memebrs will be attending this years show at said venue.
    I will be attending on the Sunday with a few friends who are also going.
    I was going to shoot but you have to register with the NRA for a fee from 12.50 and IMHO
    the price their charging to enter the venue, the extra cost to shoot is a bloody liberty.

    But all in all i hope its going to be a good day with good weather. I'm off to Tenerife for 2 weeks this Friday coming, so i will be the tall fella sporting a very nice tan lololol.

    All best


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    Not sure what event your on about as cannot find it listed on the NRA's site .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Not sure what event your on about as cannot find it listed on the NRA's site .
    Going blind?
    National Rifle Association of the UK | NRA | Home Page

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    or here...

    Bisley Live - The Gun and Country Sports Show | 30th September to 2nd October 2011

    a lovely day out if you need a new pair of hunter wellies or maybe a coat...or a hat....
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    yes we are going all way from carlisle and we got free accomadation as oldest boy is in uni in guildford so will be visiting as well ive looked at traders and their is a lot of good stands going to be their looks like its going to be a good event


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    Nope I looked on their events page and didn't see it mentioned ................................... ahhhh had a second look now I know the date and found it. Thank you i had not heard of this until now.

    Damn followed your link and my eyesight was assulted by a damned clay shooter. Someone needs to remind these old fogies running it that it's the National RIFLE Association not the National Shotgun Association. I cannot forgive the loss of Shorts of the terrible way the first few targets on century and the markers are treated so as not to upset the damned clay shooters.
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    Was asked to attend by one of the organisers, but unfortunatly I have clients stalking that week so will be busy. It should be a good show and you have the added advantage above all other shows in that visitors will be able to live test fire rifles before buying. Now that is a first as far as I am concerned

    Have a good time everyone, I will be hopefully dragging a few Reds in off the hill followed by some Sika

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