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    I am looking to buy a camcorder to video deer and also take stills with. I am told that a zoom of 60-80 would be useful ,as well as low light /night filming mode and HDD. Does anyone have any recommendations of what would be a good one to buy

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    go on hunting footage web site. lots of equipment threads and you can see what the gear can do as most of the vids say what was used to film

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    hows you?
    im no expert but i was advised that no matter what you choose not be lured by claims of mega thousand or hundreds x magnification or "digital zoom" its crap and never too clear or focused

    go for something with as much "optical zoom" as you can get

    i have a sony hd camcorder and its only i think 20 x but is can get cheaper sonys with 50 or 60 x optical zoom

    next thing is what format....most folks nowadays go for built in hard drive models....i went with mini dv so even after i download and edit it then i still have a "hardcopy" if irs summit ive filmed i want to keep its still a tape but is HD and really happy with it

    all the best


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    Hi Sauer

    Thanks for that, I shall keep what you say in mind.

    Cheeers Bud

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    I just got a new one.
    Very pleased.
    sony cx130e
    Its HD takes stills has a x35 zoom films great in low light it basically ticks all the boxes.
    Reserve online and pick up in store saves 40 from currys then there is a 50 cash back from sony (download form from sony web site)(got my cheque back in 10 days)
    Total paid (259) should be nearly 500 before offers/sale.

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