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Thread: Can i clean my rifle with what ive got?

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    Can i clean my rifle with what ive got?

    Hello all i have some forrest bore cleaner foam, jags, brass brush, rod etc Is that all i need to clean my 243 as i havent any solvent to put through before or after i use the foam. Any tips would be appreciated

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    I would suggest that in order to keep the foam out of the action, you need a bore guide. See this earlier thread:

    Once I have patched out the foam with clean dry patches, I will use wet patch, dry patch until I am happy the bore is clean. Currently I use Butch's Bore Shine.

    Sometimes after finishing with the foam, I will apply a wet patch, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub it with a brush, before cleaning with dry patches.

    Regards JCS
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    Seeing as how a bottle of nitro solvent is not expensive I wonder why you didn't pick some up?

    Personally I use P-H 009 before using the bore foam to allow it to get to work on any metallic fouling and I don't foam unless I can see or believe metallic fouling to be building up. The nitro solvent is all that is required for general cleaning and then it depends on how much I have shot or what the weather was like. If wet I'll clean when I get home and gun has reached room temp. Of course there are other makes of nitro solvent to choose from.

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    Brit beat me to it. There are lots of solvents out there.***+19868+***

    Until you pick up a solvent locally, a second round of foam won't go amiss.

    Regards JCS

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    I don't do anything to my moderators apart from placing them in the airing cupboard and giving them a wipe with an oily rag before putting them away. Regards JCS.

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    My Wildcat P8 is strippable so yes it gets stripped an cleaned on a fairly regular basis butt hen i was shooting more rounds through it that a lot do in load development and on the range. It's had over 500 rounds through it of 25-06 and 6.5x55 and that's a lot of powder going through it.

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    Cleaned it not that much came out so spotless now. Tried to stop the wire brush turning on the rifling (not sure if i was suposed to) but anyway sorted. Not that i shoot much through it anyway cheers for the replies gents

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    You let the brush follow the rifling. Don't stop that; That's why they make cleaning rods that swivel.~Muir

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    Yes i realise that now. couldnt stop it anyway cheers

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