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Thread: Iphone Fox Call Apps

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    Iphone Fox Call Apps

    I've had three foxes this weekend. All in the middle of the day and probably the same litter. They came in fast as you like with a squeak on the back of my hand - - nothing else. It did make me think about what Apps may be out there to be even more effective. I know there's an old thread about this but does anyone have any new suggestions?



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    How much more effective could you have got??
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    That's a thought indeed, I think I will have a search on the app store for a sika call.. Although I am not quite sure they iphone will play it loudly enough!

    I use a piece of polystyrene on the jeep window for the foxes.


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    I've got a predetor cal app on my blackberry but have found it little use as the volume is too low I'm sure if the fox was close enough it would work

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    I have a couple of these distress calls on my mobile and have used them to good effect a few times, especially the high pitched squeal ones.

    Bit fiddly trying to work the mobile in the heat of the moment tho, a couple of times the squeal has morphed into metallica's "Whiskey in a Jar" !!!

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    Im with glen on this one polystyrene has always been a favourite for me. once i look at a bright screen in low light im like ray charles.

    And i dont mean singing and waving my head about.

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    timney im sure iron maiden 'run to the hills would be worse'

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    Reminds me of one evening with Mike, he gleefully exclaimed he'd got an App for that!, we, & any potential target, were treated to some pretty damn good music!!!, until he figured out his goof!
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    Thanks for your comments - - especially the amusing ones ! -- - - Think I'll stick with Status Quo !


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    I have iHunt Calls installed on my iPhone, I use it with a power speaker bought from Amazon and the results are fantastic, it has almost EVERY call you will need and they work, I regularly go out with the crow decoy and the speaker and set it going, it works a treat.
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