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Thread: Redfield Rings and Bases

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    Redfield Rings and Bases

    Redfield blued steel bases gloss finish to sit Sauer/Colt Sauer/Carl Gustav part no. ~512073 SR CS 25

    Redfield 1 rings gloss finish (Dovetail front Windage adjustable rear) 25

    Redfield 30mm rings gloss finish (Dovetail front Windage adjustable rear) 25

    Please PM if interested (prices exclude P&P will be charged at cost).



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    30 mm Ring hight? or do we have to guess!

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    Apologies, measured the rings they are approx half an inch from the bottom of the base where it touches the base to the bottom of the scope tube. Rings previously held a scope with a 50mm objective.



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    So why were these not posted here prior to me spending far too much on Apel mounts for my sauer?

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    Guess what replaced the redfields they are great mounts but Apels are number one and if you ever want to break your 202 down into an attache case you need the Apels.

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    No argument about the quality of Apel mounts just about the price! 250.00 just for the rings! Just changed from 25mm to 30mm, staggered by the cost.

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    Hi Jason. I have just bought my new Tikka M595 .223. I have a 2-12x56 Meopta to go on. I need mounts. Will your 30mm mounts work here do you think? Are they decent quality, sorry I don't know much about mounts

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    Hi Martin

    In terms of quality the redfields are excellent on a parr with all. Checked the Redfield catalogue and I don't think these will be any good. I once owned a 595 and would recommend in investing in the Optilock mounts made by Sako. If you every swap your rifle you will find there is a healthy 2nd hand market on this forum for them.



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