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Thread: Country File just now

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    Country File just now

    Just watching Country File. they were talking about Badger culling. An Mp was saying Badger culls would only be by qualified marksmen. Then they spoke to an 'experienced marksman'. Can anyone tell me what this qualification is, I am baffled. I woulkd think this has been done before , but what next, Badger level 1 and Badger level 2, then of course Badger pre level 2 (aint that a money spinner with deer). I would love to know what an experienced marksman is.

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    I would of thought DSC1 trained hunter would qualify you for this post i may be wrong

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    Theres a piece in the latest ngo mag about this, you have to be dsc1 or take a shooting test, i think it read something like that, all seemed a bit vague yet, theres a phone number for those who want to register for the cull
    i think it said they are only culling in 2 areas to start with. i was going to put a thread on about this to see what guys on here thought about weather to sign up or not??

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    read somewhere last week [think it was the defra website or some other similar] that those participating would need DSC1 minimum, and also be given extra imput by an 'expert' regarding shot placement for the badger to make sure kills were humane etc.

    and yes only doing 2 areas at the moment although there are concerns that with only 2 areas the antis will be able to target those involved too easily and so they are asking for 10 areas to try to stop the antis being able to cover them all....


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    The anti's will be present wherever, as to suitable riflemen.................... they are probably already out there.
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    The Consultation document states DSC1 shooting test or taking a similar test. Plus, as TokaS states, input into shot placement.

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    Its a twister...we have been working this week with SF snipers. They were using 5.56 through to .338 and .50..............shooting from helicopters etc, I am sure out to 1000 mtrs plus...would they need to do a DSC 1... you can bet your arse some woulkd say yes.

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    What was the bloke with the shotgun on about, talking about wounding and such?

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    level 1 min extra training will be given by defra regards shot placement and shooying trapped animals

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    I rang the number printed in the ngo mag , its an automated service .
    I left my details and so far ive herd jack all .

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