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Thread: high mag stuff ott?

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    high mag stuff ott?

    just popped over to my next door neighbors to see if he wanted to give the dogs a run. Turns out he just got back from bisley and he had this big ass cup on the kitchen table with names going back to 1800s. I knew he did a bit of target stuff but never really talked about it much. He tels me they were shooting 3 4 500 yds in the am then some long range stuff in the pm (the am sounds quite long to me) this is all with open sights!!

    I know shooting game is different to targets but it does make you wonder if the high mag stuff that I see a lot of people using is OTT.

    Personally i use a 4-12 x 50 swaro on the .243 for lamping and stalking and a 6x42 s+b on the .308 for deer and rarely feel that I need more power. I do prefer more than 6 on the lamp though and usually have the swaro on 12.

    1000yds open sights, respect.

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    but he aint lying in sheepshit with his left leg in a bog and the midges chewing his ears, neither did he crawl on his belly in 2" of muddy water to get to that nice position.

    But of course thats impressive shooting by any standard LOL

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    1000yds............... I'd need a high power scope just to see the target at that distance

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