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Thread: H4895/IMR4895 advise needed.

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    H4895/IMR4895 advise needed.

    I have been looking for a single powder that I can reload .223rem,.243win, 6mm rem and 270win and the one that seems to be most suitable for all the above and various bullet weights for them is the IMR and hodgdon 4895.
    What I really want to know is
    1: how good is this powder with the various calibre/bullet combinations.
    2: Availability. Lancs/west yorks area.
    3:The difference between the IMR and Hodgdon powders.


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    I am using H4895 for 223, 243 and 308 to very good effect, but as always, it depends what your rifles like. My standard start-up for a new gun is to try usually 3 suitable powders at different loads and find the most accurate for the speed I'm after. Once established, I then play with the distance from the lands. H4895 seems to be stocked by all of the main reloading suppliers.

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    4895 will work well in the 223 for most bullets. It is also good in the 243 with lighter weight bullets but you will get more velocity if you use a slower powder for 80 to 100 grain bullets.
    I would use 4895 but would also get vit n160 for the heavier 6mm bullets and the 270.

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    As palo and Bubble say, both 4895s are a bit fast burning for heavier bullets in .243 Win. As to Hodgdon v IMR differences, both come in reloading form from the Hodgdon Powder Co. of Kansas USA and to us via its importer Edgar Brothers in Macclesfield. They are not the same powder although they have similar burning speeds and do the same jobs.

    IMR (Improved Military Rifle) is the original version developed for the standard US military loading of the 150gn FMJ .30-06 ball round pre WW2 and manufactured in the USA by DuPont for generations. For Health & Safety reasons and the associated costs, manufacture moved to the IMR Powder Company in Canada some time back and which has since been bought out by Hodgdon.

    The Hodgdon version is manufactured in bulk by the former ADI (Australian Defence Industries, the privatised Aussie arms and ammunition manufacturer, ship repairer etc) now part of the huge multinational Thales defence, transport and manufacturing group.

    H4895 has shorter grains than the IMR version and like nearly all Hodgdon extruded powders is nearly temperature insensitive. There can be differences in recommended maximum loads between them and the IMR stuff is a little bulkier so might fill a case better - or take up too much room. Both are available here, but the Hodgdon version is much more common and is stocked by most shops that do handloading supplies.

    Thales Australia Ltd does an ADI Handloading Guide that is worth downloading by people who use Hodgdon powders as it provides loads data for cartridges and some combinations not covered by Hodgdon's data.

    The powders that we get here are:

    AR2205 = H4227
    AR2207 = H4198
    AR2219 = H322
    Bench Mark 2 = Hodgdon Benchmark
    AR2206H = H4895
    AR2208 = VarGet
    AR2209 = H4350
    AR2213 = H4831
    AR2217 = H1000
    AR2225 = Retumbo
    AR2218 = H50BMG

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    H4895 is all i use now in my 243-270-308-375 H+H Magnum great powder for most calibers i believe !!

    Some times find it hard to find in local shops so buy plenty when they do have it about 40 a tub

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    Thanks for the info guys.
    Laurie I have copied the info you have provided and will download the relevant info.
    Cheers all

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    One size sometimes doesn't fit all. I would specifically recommend against any form of 4895 in 270 Winchester or even 243 or 6mm Remington.

    You will get better results with something slower, at the very least 4064, or similar.

    I used 4831 and N160 in my 270 but am now trying 4350 in both that and my 6mm Remington with 150 and 100 grain bullets respectively.

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    ES: You'll like 4350 in the 270. I use it with 150 grain Game Kings. Excellent.~Muir

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    Thanks ES, not bought any 4895, just been looking for a powder that would cross over (one size fits all or not in this case) I am using n140 and h414 for the lighter bullets in the 6mm will be loading some 100gr and 150 for the 270 when I have decided on a powder type. 38+ a tub really dont want to be buying the wrong one.
    Hi Muir, the reloading is going great (still got all my fingers!!)
    To many choices for a novice though, powders, bullet weights etc
    the ruger no1 seems to like most bullet weights and groups well.
    PS. like the bike, once had a go on a yamaha 2wheel drive when I used to race enduros, AWESOME.

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    I use n160 in 243 (75,87,100gn) and 270 (90,100, 130,150gn)
    saves me buying two tubs!

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