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Thread: Sauer 200/202 Magazine stripping??

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    Sauer 200/202 Magazine stripping??

    Two questions if I may as an internet search hasn't thrown anything up:

    1) Before I set about it does anyone have any top tips on how to strip this magazine? It looks like the only way is just to lever the plastic base away - just though I would ask before I start bending plastic!

    2) I have aquired a 5 shot mag but in .243/.308 and it appears to have a blind at the back to make it suitable for these shorter catridge lengths. If stripped can this be removed and then the plate from my .270 mag inserted to give me a 5 shot .270 magazine? The actual mag is obviously the same size so it would be useful to adapt.

    Thanks in advance.

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    For info - curiosity got the better of me last night so with some gentle persuasion the magazines apart. It looked like a simple replacement of the spring and mag floor would turn my 3 rnd mag into a 5 rnd mag as the actual metal body of the magazine is the same on both it's just the extended floor which gives a greater capacity coupled with a larger spring. Re-assembled feeling hopeful and tried loading. As soon as the 4th round is placed in the spring catches on something and magazine doesn't feed. Stripped and reassembled a number of times but same result so unfortunately what looked promising didn't work out and I'm back to the original 3 shot mag. - Shame.



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