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Thread: Northumberland Stalkers

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    Northumberland Stalkers


    Just wondering if there are many stalkers in the Northumberland area?

    Wondering what people do for shooting, whether you have your own land, or go out on guided stalks in the region. If so, has anyone got any contacts. Got my own land but fancy something different every know and again, but mainly to improve my knowledge gained from more experienced stalking professionals.

    Also can anbyone recommend stalkers in the area who are capable of witnessing stalks for DSC 2 Certification?



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    Thanks Gez, I have been out a number of times with Jon, did my DSC 1 with him and am on a larder course with him next week. Just wondered if there was anyone else in Northumberland.



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    Sorry Stuey, I should have remembered that you mentioned that in your post last week! He's the only one I know of in the Northumberland area, but then again, I'm not particularly knowledgeable!

    I'm sure one of the more seasoned members will be along shortly to help out, there seem to be a few people from up here on the board.


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    Get in touch with the North East branch of the BDS. This is a very active branch that has a number of activities throughout the year, and if my memory serves me there are a lot of members from Northumberland.


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    Cheers mate, will investigate the BDS once my BASC membership runs out in a couple of months or so.



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    Well any other northumberland stalkers on the forum or is it just me!!

    Was supposed to be out for the does this weekend but with my father in hospital and a clay pigeon shoot to organise, it will have to wait till next Sunday when naturally there will be not a doe in sight and a wood full of bucks



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    Well I'm a Tyneside stalker, but the closest I get to shooting in Northumberland is driving through it on my way to the Borders.

    The stalking is easier to get up there than in Northumberland, where you tend to find a lot of the areas are covered by more traditional estate/management/sporting set-ups.

    Ironically, it has some great stalking but it's controlled by relatively few people. There are always exceptions, and once you start making contact, opprtunities open up, but I can see how to a newcomer it's hard to break in unless you want to go down the paid/orgainsed route.

    The issue of one person having thousands of acres of stalking is one which regulary crops up for debate here.

    The stalkers I know here always go further South or North.

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    Hi Stuey and Snowstorm.

    I live in Durham and often travel as well to the Borders. I have been thinking for some time now about trying to organise a group of like minded people from Durham and Northumberland to have get togethers and possibly share some stalking. You never know it might end in some lasting friendships..

    Anyone ???????

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    sounds like the start of something foxhunter.

    Let me know more!



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