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Thread: Own up. Who was it?

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    I told her not to follow the sat nav
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    Quad sticks

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    Warren Gatland looking for some pre-tournament inspiration??

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    This is taking 4x4 extreme driving to the limit.
    Although it does show what this vehicle is capable of!
    Mind you it's up there and stuck - user error or hardware problem?

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    Sorry guys it was me! I was trying to demonstrate that it was fit for my next FC lease

    For sale 1 burgundy 4x4- buyer to collect??

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    doesnt look stuck.

    and anyway "small minded"!? surely someone who is sitting in his livingroom and decides "bugger it, i going to drive up Snowdon for a laugh" is far from small minded!!

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    really had to laugh as it's a Frontera Sport and there are those who claim they are not very capable off roaders.. only a 2.0L too unless it's the 2.5L diesel.

    I have seen it on a Frontera forum but he who owned it then had it for sale it seems. Just heard that the Police have charged the now owner and he will be in court soon.

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    I can't see the problem. Surely if a 4 x 4 wants to do a bit of off roading and there appears to be a track up there, why not.
    All this talk of 'small minded' and 'stuck' it looks perfectly at home to me and, unless the driver has broken any by laws, then why not indeed.
    It would be interesting to know what the Police have charged the driver with,
    1. 'Spirit of adventure'
    2. 'Cheating the usual method of ascending said mountain'
    3. 'Abandoning a perfectly good off road vehicle in a public place' or
    4. 'Doing something hundreds of others have thought of but too scared to do'

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    Looks like he's driven it up the railway line and then abandoned it when the trains started running.

    I've owned a Landrover in the past and I like off roading. However, enthusiasm does seem to get the better of some people. I remember one incident that occoured in the town where I lived a few years back. One of the local off road enthusiasts noticed that the pedestrian bridge between one side of the park and the other was just wide enough to fit a 4x4 and thought it would be a laugh to drive across. The bridge was subsequently shut for six months and had to be repaired at a cost of 150,000.

    On man's big adventure can quickly turn into a massive waste of everyone else's Council tax.

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    It probably got towed up there by a land rover

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