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Thread: Deer Hunter Ram Trousers

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    Deer Hunter Ram Trousers

    After a very wet week in the Highlands I am reviewing some of my kit. A key area where I had performance issues with my existing gear was trousers. I am somewhat old fashioned and have used Tweed breeks and waterproof over trousers, however I think the time has come to embrace technology.
    I am thinking of purchasing a pair of Deer Hunter Ram Trousers as on paper they seem to have the right balance between performance and cost . Has anyone any experience of them? If so I would very much appreciate your comments.

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    great things I wear mine two or three times a week shooting/stalking and four weeks a year in scotland stalking and would never buy any thing else.
    I have had mine four or five years now and the camo ones are on their way out but the green/brown ones still going strong and never leek

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    i have a pair never leaked and nice and warm.i also like the high back on them.

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    Hi Gurube62
    I have had a pair of ram trousers for a few years now and they have never let water in and they have had some stick.
    They are starting to get a bit worn on the knees but they have never let me down.
    Just got back myself from a week in the highlands had a great time and they kept me dry.


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    what you need smithy is a set of them hairy knee pads off fester

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    I have a pair of deerhunter Hurricane ( i think) olive/brown and has nubuck leather down the front. Very comfortable, warm and dry.
    Got them from a guy up the road from me who is friends with Stone.
    PM me if you need a contact number and say you were recomened by this site.

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    Hi Andy,
    I think Festers problem would be unique and could have to opposite effect wearing trousers out from the inside out.


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    Thanks for the feedback most appreciated...all I have to do is wait for the January sales....

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    I think you will find the RAM trousers come in two types. I use a pair with the 'Hitena' reinforcement on the legs and they are great. They look a bit shiny in some lights, but the deer don't seem to notice. Good on a long crawl as well.

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    i hav been using ram trouser for about 5 years now, just on my 2nd pair, this time i went for the set with the hitena, lot more hard wearing and a little more expensive but worth it
    why wait for the january sales
    all it takes is a phonecall you will be hard pressed to get a better deal

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