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Thread: .243 mod time

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    .243 mod time

    OK Folks its mod time for the Remy .243 what would yous recommend??

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    A-Tec Maxim, light and durable, steel baffles Alloy body. Proofed for use up to .300 win mag.

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    had t8 on mine for4 years and personaly can not fault it

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    I've heard very good things about the DM80 and have one ordered. A mate of mine has one and is very pleased with it. He is on here so my be along with a first hand report.

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    I like the ASE Jet-Z . upto .25 cal, its well built easy to clean, it seems to knock a fair amount of noise out of it and on the end of my browning a-bolt the rifle still feels well balanced.

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    ASE Utra CQB. Technically a .223 mod but works very well and is very compact.
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    I also have been told about the ASE .I think thats the one for me
    Cheers guys..

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    AURORA Hands down, expensive but the best money can buy, will outlast others by lifetimes.
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    Wildcat Predator 8 on my .243,Love it.
    Atb John.

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