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Thread: Bino Recomendations

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    Bino Recomendations

    With my 40th birthday fast approaching my fantastic wife (she might be reading this !) has
    given me a budget of 550-600 to spend on some binos , so i am either looking at a pair
    of secondhand swarovski's or a new pair of Bauer/Steiner/Minox, i can't decide which way
    to go so would welcome suggestions on which is best or are there any other contenders ?
    Thanks in advance U71

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    Secondhand Swarovski every time. Your budget is spot on. There will be plenty around shortly as people upgrade to the new rangefinder ones. Look on the birdwatching websites and shops. Glyn.

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    Just brought in a pair of Minox HG's from the states, 8.5x43, cost 300. They are the nuts.

    I cannot say they are as good as Swaro's, but they are very close. I sat and compared them right up to dark against my Z6i scope set at 8x-9x. The scope was better, but not enough to justify an extra 1500 for Swaro bins, in fact, not enough to justify an extra 500.
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    used swarovski !!

    They will be the last binos you will ever buy, Your children will also use them when you are too old.
    And they will gain in value unlike other makes.

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    Whilst wishing to avoid sounding like a stuck record, go for the s/h Swarovskis. Every time you look through them you'll forget about the price. If you ever need to sell them you'll always be able to get your money back.

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    Swarovski all day long, have a look at mcleods, they normally have a load of second hand bins in stock. Cheers Rich

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    minox 8x42 just as good.fantastic light gathering you will be suprised at the price new. look on ebay

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    Give Dougie a ring at glasgow binocular repair centre , he sorted me out with a no quibble return if i wasnt happy .

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    Quote Originally Posted by shudadunityonksago View Post
    Give Dougie a ring at glasgow binocular repair centre , he sorted me out with a no quibble return if i wasnt happy .
    & thems dang good !!

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