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Thread: 100 gr 243 for Howa?

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    100 gr 243 for Howa?

    Can anyone recommend a factory 100 grain bullet that shoots well in a 243 Howa 1500 sporter? Thinking of using mine on the does/hinds over the winter.

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    100gr bullets

    I can recomend hornadies 100 gr interlock (part number 2450) how it shoots in your howa i can't be sure. it should be ok.


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    100 grn

    I use ballistic silver tips from winchester in mine.They work for me.

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    Re: 100 grn

    Quote Originally Posted by perks
    I use ballistic silver tips from winchester in mine.They work for me.
    silvertips are 95gn - he wanted 100gn

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    Federal Powershok 100gr worked well in my .243, due to difficulties with getting it I now reload........

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    rws t-mantel was good in my .243 (not a howa though) the federal stuff was cheaper but didnt group quite as tightly.

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    100g for HOWA

    I have recently bought a 1500 HOWA and I have been using Privi with decent results, then tried Hornady Interlock 100gr BTSP and I'm very pleased - much better with initial groupings under 1" and where I want them.

    Just put the first batch of 100gr home loads through at the weekend and I still need to work on them to replicate the Hornady results.


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    Thanks for the feed back folks. Tony C, does your Howa have the 22 or 24 inch barrel and do you use it with a moderator?

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    I've got the 22 inch barrel and I use a Ase Ultra Jet Z Compact moderator which makes it a compact unit (I have an old Tasco Titan 3x9x42 mounted on low mounts).
    I have been pleasantly suprised with the HOWA even though in my opinion it is a budget weapon and I bought it as a bit of a lightweight back up for my Mannlicher 25-06.


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