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Thread: Forestry contracts

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    Forestry contracts

    For those of you that may be interested

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Would you not be able to offer this to members say 50 members @ 2,000 each or would this not work


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    wouldnt work
    named stalkers only (i.e the ones on the lease at the beginning)

    would love to know where they get their numbers from though ...for deer and contract value!

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    I would be interested in participating or getting group together to bid

    I am not sure what chances be

    Is there interest out there to put a bid together?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Enduroman View Post
    I would be interested in participating or getting group together to bid

    I am not sure what chances be

    Is there interest out there to put a bid together?

    i dont think you bid for this enduroman, they pay you to do the contract stalking!!

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    690 roe, average weight for season 14kg ish dressed = 9660kg
    210 red, average weight for season 60kg ish dressed = 12600kg


    lot of bambi

    So who's likely to take this on and do they need any help, I'm looking for work!
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    Lot of money to spend in order to prove yourselve a suitable contractor in order to bid. Three years of providing staff, already approved, and equipment. You really don't want to get us sporting stalkers involved in this.

    Lot 1 & 2 only provide a guide 140K revenue for an operation expected to employ people over three years.

    So, say 50K a year income for the operation, bearing in mind you've had to employ approved guys, provide vehicles etc.

    How many bodies will you need? Time available if a hobby? Usual caveat if damage then "Rangers" go in and lamp and you get billed....


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    From curiosity, it would be interesting to hear more about professional contract stalking from people who have done it.

    I imagine from the number of deer that need shot, this is work for a dedicated pro with all the certificates and a functional rooflamp on their ranger.

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    Don't miss read it. They are paying you. Now you are culling these deer in forests already leased. You are the bad guys lamping the woods. Cull figures are high. If still available the tenders that went out last year contained these woods around Lanark and the cull figures did not reflect getting these sorts of numbers. Cant speak for the glasgow woods. All deer to the commission too. Take wages, travel, blank days you will put in the hours to get anywhere near this total. Jim

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    I have previously worked as a contractor, both self employed and as a member of a team.

    You have to be 100% committed to the job in hand as you are out there 24/7 in all weathers.

    For example as part of a team I used to arrive at a cottage near Rannoch on a Sunday evening, we would then be in the wood for first light (winter) so about 6 am, anything shot would then be taken to the larder before lunch, bite to eat then back to the wood and stalk until dark, drag out beasts to roadside then back for some dinner, then out with the lamp until about 0100 or 0200 depending on how things were going, stalk next morning first thing then larder repeat and do likewise until Friday until 1200 hours.

    It was fantastic experience and I have been lucky to have stalked in some of Scotlands most scenic areas.

    However whilst employed as a part of a team I was paid the minimum wage salary based on a 39 hour week with no travelling expenses.

    Working for yourself is certainly more lucrative but Landrovers and all the associated equipment does not come cheap or run on fresh air although there is still money to be made, and why shouldn't there be, cull stalking for a living is just as challenging as working with guests and a professional approach deserves a professional wage.

    Contract stalking is though very much a chicken and an egg type of situation, if you have not done it before estates and FC will be reluctant to give you your break but if you can get your foot in the door there are opportunities that may come your way that are not advertised.

    Would I do it again.........of course I would, the enjoyment of stalking can never be quantified in pounds, shillings and pence!

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