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Thread: Scottish stags part 2

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    Scottish stags part 2

    Well after the success but very tiring day on tuesday I was out again on friday and luckily wasnt even stiff or aching in the morning so I was up, had a full cooked breakfast and waited for Niall to arrive. He was there on time and invited in for a cup of tea and had a good chat and catch up with myself and my parents for an hour or two anyway not to worry as I knew if he wasn't neither was I.

    Anyway we left the house and went to the larder to collect the mud ox and set off for the hill. Niall pulled up unloaded the mud ox and off we went stopping to spy for a group of stags. Niall soon spotted a group of stags and got out his grays telescope to get a better view of the stags to reveal if there where any shootable stags in the group and to my luck there was and the stalk was on although it would be a fairly long one to keep the wind in our favour and slow as not to spook the sheep ready to be rounded up off the hill. So we advanced at a slow and steady pace around the back of the hill to bring us back in on the stags after reaching the top of the hill having managed to send the sheep the right way we stopped for a spot of lunch in the glorious sunshine looking out over mull and the other islands and i couldnt have thought of a better place to have had lunch. However we still had some ground to cover to get into a shootable distance of the stags so we couldnt stay there for ever and set off once again. After about another 45 mins of ups and downs and walking around the undulating terrain Niall told Grant and I to stay while he crept over the edge to make sure the stags where there and hopefully wouldnt be able to see us and my luck was on. There was a group of 20+ stags lying bellow us. I crept forward and Niall pointed out the stag he had chosen to have removed a nice, large simetrical 6 point stag who was lying down so we settled in for him to stand.

    There was some big boys in the group including a relatively young 14 pointer. A few of the stags started to get up and eat so I got ready hoping mine would soon but he didn't see to want to play ball. Niall pointed out there was a slightly small stag so far as head was concerned but a six pointer no the less and this one was clean and if i wanted I could take this one instead. As the other stag was still cleaning although almost there had light antlers I decided to take the cleaner on and as he was that bit smaller I thought he might just fit on the wall in my bed room So I raised the cross hairs, tucked it in behind the shoulder, squeezed the trigger and he dropped like I stone at about 120 yards. We could see he was in the process of bleeding out and after a couple of mins Niall said to stick a safety shot in the neck. So, I obliged and missed..... but he was duly dispatched I dont know if it was as he moved but it was probably my fault but anyway all the same there was one very dead stag. Niall sent grant and myself down to deal with the stag. I was interested to see where the stag had been hit as the shot felt right. Anyway the gralloch revealed he had been struck well making a mess of both of his lungs and was just bleeding out whilst we were watching and he couldn't have been far from expiring when I struck him in the neck. however it had struck a little high due to the angle I was firing at but a good shot no the less. So we got a few pictures, inspected the stag and awaited Niall's return with the Mudd-ox and headed back to the larder.

    Back at the larder he weighed in at a nice 205 pounds and once the head was off it was revealed all though small the head was extremely heavy and he had very thick bases to the beams and a good density and we were back at the larder for 4 oclock, what a I got home in good time happy with another great day on the hill and loverly stag in the larder and felt very content with myself and couldn't wait to be out again.

    The view from lunch (i think):


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    Again, well done george! This is becoming an annual trip to this estate for you eh?

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    Bloody hell, George, aren't deer safe from you anywhere in the UK? Well done, glad you found some great sport.

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    like the account about the miss as it shows you are keeping it real
    looks like you had a great time and many thanks for the read
    as it is refreshing to read such a honest post from such a keen young sportsman
    good for you

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    yet another nice write up

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    Great memories for you, well done. Is that Nial Rowntree you where stalking with?

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    I'm stuck in my office at home, battering spreadsheets.....a lesser man than me could be VERY jealous!!

    Another good result - at this rate, you're going to have to get a bigger room to accomodate all your trophies!!
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    Congrats George and thanks for posting up the pics and the write-up, you seem to be having a great year!

    Whats next on your agenda...?

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    Nice write up mate and well done on the stalk ,nice views there as well.

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    Really enjoy your posts and pics George, your getting out there and doing it!!
    Keep them coming

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