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Thread: Optics Shops In Sussex

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    Optics Shops In Sussex

    I'm considering investing in a new set of binos, are there any good shops in the Suusex area that anyone can recommend so I can "try before I buy"?



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    I have always found the chap at FA Andersons has a good stock of optics.


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    Have you considered the RSPB reserve shop at Pulbough Brooks?

    You can even try them in the reserve which is far better than looking down the high street of through the window. Anderson's was my local shop until the move. if you do got there please say hi to Philip and John but i thought the binos were in the clothign shop two doors down.. If you go in there say Hi to Sue.

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    Thanks for the info everyone whom posted on here

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    Rick at Gunrunner lookup web site he will do a deal
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