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Thread: Deer Dog Training

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    Deer Dog Training

    I have a 12 month old neutered Lab dog I am trying to train as a deer dog. I have several books on blood tracking (The Danish and American ones) as well as the BDS pamphlet 'Dogs for Woodland Stalking. I am working on training him to walk quietly at heel and sit when I stop. I have him waiting on hand signals.

    However, he is selectively deaf and can be quite wilfull. Are there any dedicated deer dog trainers in the Lincolnshire area? Or any deer dog classes? Unfortunately I am working on the occaision of the BDS Deer Dog days.



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    Iff you can translate in Germany: very good traningsbook

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    Quote Originally Posted by unlacedgecko View Post
    I am working on training him to walk quietly at heel and sit when I stop. I have him waiting on hand signals.

    That is just basics, you should try and do with any dog
    what exactley hav you done in training towards deer work?
    Ie blood work , working with a tracking leash, deer skins that sort of thing as it may help in giving you a few pointers to start with , as your dog is not going to be that hard to convert if you already hav some control over him
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    Hi stone,

    I haven't done anything with regards to deer training. I have a roe skin in battery acid at the moment that Im hoping to convert into a straw deer once the scraping and tanning is complete. Im stalking next week so hopefully I can turn up some blood and fresh hide. I have some control over him, but he is still a complete tw*t at times.


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    Quote Originally Posted by unlacedgecko View Post
    I have some control over him, but he is still a complete tw*t at times.
    He's an adolescent in dog terms so probably going through the 'Kevin & Perry' stage. Depending on how sensitive he is you should be able to lean on him a fair bit due to the level of trust you've built up between yourselves. Start putting the Danish book into practice and concentrate on getting his nose down on some trails - make him a tracking dog and not an air scenting one - make it exciting for him with loads of encouragement and big verbal and petting rewards at a successful conclusion - make it so that he can't fail in the beginning so he and you gain confidence.

    Above all realise that you will be learning as well as him - watch what he does, his body language when he's on and off the scent etc. etc. - it's a partnership that can be very rewarding.

    Good luck.

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    what exactly is it you want from the dog
    how much deer work do you actually do to what you think you may need from the dog
    also what other shooting do you do and will you want the dog to be involved with that aswell
    training a dog to find wounded or dead deer is not that difficult if done in the right set of stages from the off and labs are pretty good at adapting to most situ's
    at the mo as Orion has said he is now an adolescent so will be quite full of himself but that will settle once he gets the drift of training as that will be something he will want to do

    wot you do need to look at is getting deer blood ASAP so you can getting training underway
    but still keep up with the basics and obedience regardless
    but laying blood trails for the dog is a bigger must
    at 12 months old you can start with 30-50m long trails of fresh blood with a skin or leg at the find site as a reward
    from there go to 1 hour old trails and see how he fairs
    if you think he is finding it easy then go to 150m long trails , 1 hour old
    then 1500 with 3hour old
    if still going good and finding easy
    look at 500m which are 3hour old

    always work him on a long leash of about 10-15m long so you can check him if he goes off track or pulls to hard
    at any point you can reduce the length of trails or how long you leave the blood to dry on a trail if the dog does not cope
    it's not a problem just need to bring the dog on a bit slower
    the end result should be the same , just takes a bit more time to get there, also if you are of that nature encourage the dog to rag a skin at the end of the find , just incase one day you want it to catch a wounded one
    it does happen and you will be gratefull you taught the dog to bring one down

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    Thanks for the replies guys. My aim is to have a deer dog I can take stalking with me, rather like John Robbos pointer. Im a recreational stalker and I think it might be fun to take a dog with me when I go. I am also joining the RTA register in my area, once I have completed the relevant course.

    I wont be taking the dog on any other form of shooting.

    Thanks again.


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    Ug how long have you had this dog?pup or just got him?
    Is he kennelled or stays in the house?
    Does he listen to you at all off the lead?
    Sounds to me as Orion and stone have said that he is basically a teenager and taking the piss,however I would not let this continue too long as he will start to think he can do as he pleases,if you tell him to do something he MUST do it,not in his time but yours
    Blood trailing shouldve started by now,I start pups at 8/10 weeks old,however a dog will soon take to this,without your dog listening to you,however if you want this dog to come on a stalk and be biddable at heel and indicate deer,basic obedience must be there,ie you tell him to do something and he must do it,no ifs or buts
    Consistency is key,only black or white no shades of grey as a friend says
    Do as Stone says and start blood and skins but nail the dog down now or you may end up with a bit of a hooligan,if he keeps ignoring you and doing things in his own time
    Good luck,ATB
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