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Thread: How do you change colour of a moderator ?

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    How do you change colour of a moderator ?

    I have have an S5 and a S7 Ase Utra moderators both come in a brushed steel finish, but would like to get the colour changed to a mat black finish to suit the rifles the go on. (AE MK III - .308 & AWSM - .338)

    Ideally I would like the finish to be the same as the mat black that appears on the Jet Z Compact.

    What options are available ?

    Kind Regards


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    Not being a wind up merchant but call ASE Customer Service.

    They are actually a defence Company that talks to all users.

    They understand hunters.


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    matt black heat resistant paint?

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    A mate or mine runs a firm called Global Rifle and they do a coating called Black Shadow. He's in Leicestershire. Give them a call and say Simmo sent you

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    motorcycle exhaust paint PJ1

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    you could put a black neoprene cover over it.....

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    You wont be able to match the finish on the Jet Z, they have a parkerized finish which can only be applied to carbon steels, not stainless. I would speak to Julian Savory at JMS arms, he has his moderators coated in this country with a highly resilient black coating. I would not go near Global Rifle with a barge pole, their black shadow process is no diiferent to Julians, and he is a much better person to deal with than them, a quick google will show several instances of appalling customer service on their part, resulting in court action.

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    Worth chatting to Jager SA of this site too.....
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    Paint, any of the above suggestions, I just sprayed mine green and put some clear lacquer on it. I did also try some shrink to fit plastic tube which works well but can go a bit baggy if the unit gets very hot!

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    Why not paint all.

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