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Thread: 511 cz trigger

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    511 cz trigger

    anybody know if the trigger on a cz 511 semi auto can be tuned or a replacement put in as for me the pull is heavy

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    There is no replacement trigger/sear assemblies available for the 511CZ. The best you can do is to reduce the weight of the trigger spring. (Never touch the sear spring. Your rifle will go full-auto.) Usually when you do this, a heavy crisp trigger becomes "creepy" with a long dragging pull. Light stoning will help unless you get careless and stone the sear angles incorrectly. I just got the last hammers and sears that CZ USA had for the 511 so be careful: there are no replacements here, at least. I'm betting tho that there are Brno 581 parts (identical rifle) around in Europe.~Muir

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    It's a NO! NO! on that one Webby. As the 511 works on Blowback operation to cock, if you take to much off the sear it'll go

    fully-auto and empty the mag in about half a second.

    Rgds, Buck.

    PS. It would have to be a compitent gunsmith to even attempt to do the work of polishing the sear on an Auto, even then if he

    takes to much off your in trouble. You could find yourself having to replace the trigger Mech.

    (Your then back where you started)
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    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    cheers guys thanks for that ill leave it as it is


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