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Thread: Hi or Giday as we say in NZ

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    Hi or Giday as we say in NZ

    Just joined with a view to milking the forum for tips that might be useful to hunting in NZ and to see how our methods differ.Our countries share several species, I regularly hunt Red Deer and Fallow [with limited success] ,however our terrain and vegetation differ.
    Regards to all
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    Hi Footsore.
    Welcome along. Where abouts in NZ are you ? My wife is from Southland so we spend the uk winter down there this works well for us as I shear so have plenty of work while there.

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    Hi Ian,
    I'm up in Christchurch. Sounds like a nice lifestyle with 2 summers a year.

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    Wecome to the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome matey, and expect some questions in the near future from me about the hunting and the fishing over there.
    Its on the list of places to go, but Montana is first on my list to hunt for an Elk and get some fishing in.
    Were you affected by the earthquake?

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    Cheers John

    Richard -I'm happy to help out with any enquiries re NZ .But I'm hardly the last word in NZ deerstalking - still inching my way up the steep bit of the learning curve
    Yeah got hit by the quake -big cracks throughout the internal clading of the house ,significant slope in the floor , doors and windows that either won't open or won't close and we are still using a chemical toilet.Still we are better of than many and thankfully I didn't lose any family or close mates.

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