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Thread: 200 grants available for DSC 1 or L2 if you live in Scotland

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    200 grants available for DSC 1 or L2 if you live in Scotland

    If you live in Scotland and earn up to 22k you can get an ILA Scotland grant worth 200 towards DSC1 or DSC2 that can be used through Barony College. If you already have Levels 1+2 the grant can be used towards quad bike ticket, first aid, manual handling etc.

    If you already have level one and are thinking about level 2 then with the grant the registration for level 2 is FREE!!

    If you are thinking about level 1 then with the grant you would only need to pay 75 for a full 2 day weekend course with assessments. Drop me a pm if you would like to know more or find out more here:

    ILA Scotland funding for you | My World of Work


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    Anything similar available in England?

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    Not for a few years but there's a chance they might come back. Having said that you could just move to Scotland for a bit

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    should get the paper work posted this week little spell of unemployment should help

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    How long do they take to inform you if your getting it or not ??

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    Davie, you should get a confirmation letter within four weeks usually that has the grant number included and then shortly after the actual grant token comes through. You can check the progress of an application over the phone at any time though and they are able to tell you how much longer the completion of the process will take. Basically if your earnings are under 22k you get it but I know at this time of year they are very busy with new applications because september/october is the start of the further education year. It's worth a quick call to check for piece of mind during office hours on 0808 100 1090 so there's no worrying about it.

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    HI Paul,, i would like to know more on the dsc2 as have dsc1 is the limit still at the amount you quote or are there any other grants. Many thanks.

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    ILA is the only open grant that you can use towards L1 and L2 and although it is capped at 200 you can get one grant every year. So if you get an ILA it will pay for the level 2 registration and you have 100 of credit left until April when you can get next years grant.

    You can use an ILA towards most courses though like fist aid, quad bike, chainsaw ticket etc

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