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Thread: Croatia 6th November

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    Croatia 6th November

    Is there anybody on site going to Croatia for Driven Boar 6th November, apart from me?
    Or the Czech Republic 21st November ?

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    I am off to Croatia but not till the 13th of November.
    I have heard on another site that there has being a 30-50% increase in wild Boar from last year? whether this is due to not enough of them being shot last year due to the snow i am not sure .but it sounds promising for this year.
    Hope you have a great time over there and let me know how you got on when you get back.


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    I'm back for a few days then off to the Czech Republic for another go!!
    I like my driven Boar shooting.
    I have heard the same about the increase in population of the wild Boar right across Europe.
    Each Government wants to get on top of it but they haven't made it any cheaper!!

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    Just heard that a bunch of people have pulled out of the trip I'm booked on to Croatia 27 Nov - 2 Dec.
    So if you are interested in replacing them contact Tomo of Artemis, you might pick up a bargain, and I've heard that the boar are running riot because of the wetter weather they had, lots of food for the piglets I suppose.
    PM me if you need contact details.

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    There are sixteen of us going so I thought there may have been someone from this site.
    There were two last year that went to a similar place, 'just down the road' so thought I'd get in touch before we all end up at Heathrow.

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