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Thread: Bushwear portable high seats

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    Bushwear portable high seats

    I've picked a new folding high seat from Bushwear, it's not too badly made but - has anyone else experienced the front rail being a bit flexi?!

    If you have do you live with it or have you altered it - before I start to re engineer it I thought I would ask the question - any thoughts gratefully received

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    The frame can be stiff to pull the brace forward but it does go overcentre and create a firm brace. Are you taking the brace right forward or are you not opening the angle enough. Jim

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    Regardless of how you set up the braces, IME the shooting rest tends to flex too much for longer shots (>75m), though it's just fine for the standard <75m stuff.

    When I've got the seat set up somewhere that offers the prospect of a more distant target, I use an extendible monopod that's prevented from slipping by whichever of the 3 small holes (left, centre and right) that I've drilled in one of the upper steps on mine is most appropriate for the angle.

    I'm sure there are better solutions, but this was easy to do and effective enough for my needs.

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    Yes it does flex as it loads up, but apply a constant weight from a stable position and it works fine.

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    Hi yes i have this seat and found the flex in the rail to much for my liking, the problem was solved with an extendable rod similar in type to a fishing net handle with a hand screw to lock at the desired length, a peice of cut plastic water pipe cable tied to each end, when in the seat prop one end on a rung the other on the rail tighten the stop and presto no more flex works well,the original idea is not mine I seem to remember reading something about a similar problem and this was the solution good luck!!

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    I had a similar problem at first with mine, but I had not pulled out the plastic sleeves that prop the shooting rail(they were pushed way back). These can be carefully pulled out and positioned to maximum propping effect. I had been pondering this for a little while before I got annoyed and figured it out. SO if this is the problem do not feel stupid. Ideally they need to supply better instructions. Another annoyance I have had is that I found the rope stay broken when I first used it. I managed to tied it around anyway. At the moment it is holding with araldite, but I may remove it and replace with a boa rope stay as this is a serious health and safety issue-I do tie it anyway as back-up

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    I knew I wasn't alone on this one!

    Thanks for the assistance and solutions - making the adjustments should get me out of decorating...


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    Half the trick is to get the tree bracket teeth square into the tree and the feet on level ground to reduce the sideways wobble, or tie it to the trunk.

    Another trick is to use an additional stick, stalking sticks etc as a cross-member/moveable rail...... meaning you don't have to lean fully forward to the front rail and changing your COG. Being right-handed I try to point the LH corner of the front rail at where I expect to take the shot which gives me a reasonable arc of comfortable fire. Any shot way off to my right and I step down onto a rung on on leg and swivel to take a supported 'standing' shot.

    I like 'em, and have had a decent amount of success too.



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    Wise and useful words, I've been practicing in the garden and had stummbled on your step down a bit technique!! Feels OK.
    Slight modi done - a piece of 2 x 2 with a deep slot cut into each end acts as a sliding brace, gives a bit more rigidity to the shooting rail

    Adapt and overcome - Ray Mears!

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    I've sometimes used my single extendable stalking pole as my cross-member, the advantage being that I can use it at an angle to give the optimum rest and it's easy to move one handed without much obvious movement to give yourself away (Having thought about the notched timber solution plus I didn't want to carry yet another thing in the vehicle that didn't have another use). The big problem in using a single pole is that it's round and will roll..... off the rail! Had a fox trotting across left to right, moved my LRS to the RH rail and the b. pole rolled and fell off and hit a rung on the way down. Stopped foxy in the right place tho'

    So now I use the twin sticks or my trusty old beating stick which is always in the motor.... and try to get the rail horizontal which isn't always practical.

    That's me,

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