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Thread: wildfowling zone on caerlaverock nature reserve by permit?

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    wildfowling zone on caerlaverock nature reserve by permit?

    What the hell has the world come to. I went for a wander tonight along the sands at powfoot where you basically used to park along with a half dozen or so guys and head off west up the shore until you got on the flight line to the roosts. I missed last season though.

    So on the way up the shore I saw these posts in the sand about 300m from the flight line and went to look at one. It said on it 'no shooting Caerlaverock NNR' What????

    Apparently though, you can get a permit to shoot in the shooting zone on the NNR, where the F is that then?? Well I'm pis5ed off now. Anyone got info?

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    sounds like the same sort of thing that happened with the Eden estuary in fife many moons ago, NNR (national Nature Reserve) gets st up, government denote it to be managed by the local council - Byleways are put in place to "save your sport" and a permit system introduced.

    Simple thing is to contact a permit holder and ask for advice regarding obtaining a permit, other than that write to the council.

    at least we still have the foreshore? or do we?


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    As said sounds like the same sort of thing as the Eden estuary and the Montrose basin,not exactly sure of the rules but believe residents can apply for a seasonal permit also a limited amount of visitor permits can be obtained valid for the period you wish to be there, at least that is how it was at the Montrose basin,don't know if its still the same or not.

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    I did some digging but can't find out how to get in touch with the people that would issue the permits. I tell you what though, they specifically set the reserve boundary to prevent wildfowlers shooting the flightline where most of us used to go. I found the map of the boudary last night.

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    I thought the new reserve areas were to stop folk shooting out on the sands, i.e to protect the roost. From Powfoot west the merse is still free shooting' as far as the lochar water I believe.

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    So the RSPB are at it again are they? They did a similar thing a year or so ago near the Lochar. They stuck posts into the sand on private land and had to remove them when the landowner proved they were trespassing on what was his merse!(The shore had been eroded but it was still his land!)
    It looks like more evidence that RSPB is still trying to choke out the wildfowlers by stealth.


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    Thanks Mudman, that would seem 'sensible' but I will need to make sure. I had a lad with me to show him where to go to meet the geese but I'd hate to get him or me into trouble

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    U get the permits from the snh(i think) office which is in blackshaw and next to thr reserve office (the group off houses on the t junction about 1/2 a mile before u get to the wwt reserve). I think if u phone up the wwt place they should give u the number for their office. My mate shoots there regulary i'll ask him next time i see him, if i remeber right it there free but u have to send a self addressed envelope.

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