View Poll Results: Should shotguns be banned for use on Deer?

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  • Yes, But still allowed for Humane Dispatch

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  • No, Shotguns are a Humane and Ethical Method of Deer Management

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Thread: Shotguns for Deer Management

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    I learnt on hear it's all about shot placement.
    sooo, how are the chances for shot placement of the average stalker rifle (heavy barrel 243 with the high mag scope) at a short range running animal compared to a over under or semi auto with slugs and SGs?
    I'd take the shotgun.

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    I would use a shot gun for some types of deer control. As long as you use them with the correct shot size and make sure you do not go out side the guns capabilities i think there fine

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    sorry meant to say, of course only for real short range stuff.
    I checked SG's once, spread didn't look great after 30m.
    My shot a few boar with SG's and was happy with the result.

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    We shoot roe with a shotgun while hunting roe with the dog. On roe #1-#3 are best out to 30 mtrs. a shot in the chest at 30mtrs will poleaxe a roe. We can't use buckshot to shoot deer because the pattern over 15mtrs is rubbish. We can shoot slug at fallow and boar. Rifle only for red and moose.
    I use a 20" Remington 870 pump with rifle sights it groups at under 3"at 50 mtrs. Havn't tried the rifled choke and sabot slugs yet. Last Saterday we were hunting roe on a area where there are a lot of boar so i load the first cartridge #1s and the rest slug. I can jack out the first cartridge quickly if a boar comes.

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    Shotgun suggests a fast, alarmed, moving target at close range.
    Rifle allows precise shot at static, unaware animal at longer range (and no 300, I mean a sensible longer range!).

    I'll take the rifle thanks. Selective shooting and better venison.

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    Humane dispatch at close quarters yes.
    Management NO
    Why not bring back the bow and the crossbow,better still bring back semi auto rifles then you can all have some real fun.
    Just how many holes do you people need to put in a deer before you recon its dead.
    Lamping would be a good idea this side of the border too, for those of you who not already doing it.

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    300 i think its a brilliant idea for you to use a shotgun
    ive have some AAA s for when we go out again

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    300 i think its a brilliant idea for you to use a shotgun
    i have some AAAs for you when we go out again

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    Interesting question. Are you aware that in certain provinces of Canada deer hunting is only allowed with shotguns (no full bore). Normally done with slugs and a rifled barrel, without serious issues. Cheers, Rene.

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    The way i read the law only AAA on roe deer SG on the rest unless your in Scotland.

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