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Thread: Windows 7 professional (64 bit x64 upgrade)

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    Windows 7 professional (64 bit x64 upgrade)

    I have the aforementioned sealed and original DVD for sale. I can only sell this to a student, so please do not buy if you or the person you are buying it for are not a student. My wife bought this unaware that I bought it too for her for a birthday gift. We ended up with two disks, this is the one we did not use (it is still sealed). This disk will upgrade your existing Windows operating system to windows 7. You need your product key from the previous operating system, this disk comes with its own but it will only work with a valid pre-existing installation. £36 gets you the disk via recorded delivery. I prefer paypal. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks

    P.S:Item also advertised elsewhere, so if it goes it goes.
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