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Thread: What do you wear under the jacket in winter?

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    What do you wear under the jacket in winter?

    I hope this does not sound daft, but I was wondering what people wear under their jacket in wintertime when it is cold. I understand that layering is the secret here, so would a fleece and a woollen jumper be sufficient for the cold, yet allow you to move freely? Any particular garments you would recommend me buying? I do not want to go out on a spending spree, I am quite prone to overbuying stuff , so please suggest me something that you think will be useful...

    Many thanks!

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    I use a middle layer of thin fleece and an under layer of thermals.

    I hightly recommend the Aclima Woolnet for thermals, especially if you are doing a lot of walking as they keep you warm but also transfer any sweat away from the skin so you don't get wet and cold.

    They look quite kinky but work great!
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    layers before bulk
    even on snow covered hills I find too many layers a pain
    two layers with a thin fleece if really cold (thin wool if not) and coat.

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    A quick trip to snow & rock / field & trek / black's etc will see you with all the layers you need, from thermals through fleeces to down gilets! Really depends how cold it is and how much you feel the cold. The advantage of layers is that it gives you flexibility for icy morning high seats or stalks...

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    Under my jacket i wear a t-shirt and a huddy fleece for the hills as to walking and carrying your rifle will keep you warm, but if in a hight seat the same but with thermals on.

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    Treat youself to an icebreaker as a base layer and you wont go wrong. Not cheap but they are fantastic.

    You can even use the baacode on your garment to trace which station the wool came from!

    Also worth noting Swazi are doing free international postage at the moment.



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    I use a zip-neck base layer from this place - usually also good as the only layer in summer months, as you can get nice green ones, or under a button down shirt/sweater/etc. You can also get bottoms - around a tenner each usually.

    I also have Icebreakers, which are awesome when I go mountaineering in -10 to -20 celcius, or on a REALLY cold day on the hill, but I'd say it's usually not 'necessary', plus they're super expensive.

    In addition to my basic thin baselayer, I use cheap fleece shirts and/or jackets that I pick up from factory stores/outlets at around 6 each, and since they're fleece, they're really just as good as 100 North Face ones. In fact be careful if getting expensive fleece, they're often lined and you can't breathe through them, they're designed as the outer layer!

    Then to finish, a decent jacket whether it be loden or a synthetic material or tweed. Just note, that if you're woodland stalking, get material that doesn't make 'scratchy' noises on the branches, loden is perfect for 'that', but not great for getting drenched on the hill for 8 continous hrs!

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    I use Swazi Micro shirt and a Swazi bush shirt. Our hunting is mostly standing about in the forest with it down to -20. swazi works for me.

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    A Buffalo special 6. This worn over a breathable non cotton t shirt. If needed you can put a thin jacket over the top of it. These are awsome bits of kit that will keep you warm and not restict any movement.

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    Helle hansen base layer, buffalo mountain shirt and if it gets really cold a buffalo special 6 and then a jacket, warm as toast. have used this set up at -13C and I was warm as toast. Have used the same set up when on exercise and on stag in mid winter...


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