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Thread: Grants for Larders

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    Grants for Larders

    found this in this weeks shooting time may help someone

    "A grant is on offer under the East of England Wild Venison Project for schemes that will improve the supply of venison to local markets or improve deer management . 400.000 is availible but each scheme must be match funded so you will be expected to fund 50% of the cost of say a new deer larder yourself
    Grant aid is availible within the counties of Hertfordshire Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire Suffolk Norfolk and Essex applications must be in befor december 2013 contact the deer initiative (08458724956) or for further details"

    The shooting times 7/09/11

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    It's a great offer which I made the most of when it first emerged.
    I got 50% funding for my home larder improvements which was a great help. There is a fair bit of paperwork involved but they will help you through it each step of the way. You need to spend ALL of the money first, and then you can claim up to 50% of it back. It all has to be agreed beforehand though, ie, no retrospective claims for stuff you've already bought! More info here:
    'Free money' is fairly scarce these days!
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    That's a right Bu**er,shame they don't cover my area,cos I just spent 700 on parlour board for cladding my new cutting room,I am already probably 5-7k in! Does anyone else run a similar scheme in the West country?


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    Speak with the deer initiative Martin they have a man employed specifically for these matters.
    Anglo deer management and training
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    This grant has been available for some time, we mentioned it in the July issue of Shooting & Conservation.

    The money is available for equipment up to the end of 2013, contact Graham Rimmington at the DI he will help.


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    Thank you I will let you know how I get on.


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    You have a pm.


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