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Thread: Bit worried about the weather!

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    Bit worried about the weather!

    I've just looked at Metcheck to see what the weather will be like in Banchory when we're up there stalking this weekend - I'm a bit worried about Sunday and Monday, as it's predicting winds of 308mph, gusting to 369mph - that's quite windy

    The good news is that it isn't going to rain, although the bad news is that I may run out of windage mildots on my scope.

    Perhaps I'll try the Met' Office instead, seeing as Metcheck seems to have gone tits up

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    So Metcheck say it is going to be a little breezy then!

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    sorry mate.......metcheck is PISH.
    as far as up here goes try,cairngorm 6 day snow forecast,guarnteed the truth,cheers

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