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Thread: Brass screws.

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    Brass screws.

    I bought a leather sling and one of the brass screws has fallen off

    Anyone know where to buy them


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    Most engineer's merchants (good ones) would be able to supply both the stud, and the cap screw, but I would change the set up for a buckle, I almost had a smashed Sako .243 when one of those bu**ers came adrift while walking a forestry road, if you do replace the original, as ASH 243 does ,spit on the thread or use loctite.
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    I did buy from ash 243 and did pm him a few weeks ago about It but got no reply as yet.

    I`ll try the engineers merchants.


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    eBay - do a search under 'Chicago Screws' and you'll be able to pick up 10 for a couple of quid. Either that or drop me a PM and I'll stick one in the post to you for nowt.

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