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Thread: A couple of pics

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    A couple of pics

    Here's a coupe of pics form our bird shooting safari. I'll get some more up when I get a chance.


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    A lot of them look like guinea fowl did you eat any i hatch a few in incubators over a year and they go to local shoots


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    hi Mark,

    Yes we were shooting helmeted guinea fowl along with Francolin and a bunch of other stuff. I think we counted 18 species in the end.

    The guineas out there are in big territorial flocks so we did a bit of driven and some walked up over pointers for some variety.

    We ate a lot of the birds we hunted and the balance all got sold by our pickerups in the townships. I cooked the francolin and quail on the braii and we did pigeon wrapped in bacon and stuffed with mozzarella. The guineas we sellected some young ones and they were slow roasted in the oven with onions garlic brandy and lemon, (greek ketchup!!).

    The birds made for some excellent food indeed and I'm hoping to get into cooking some of the wildfowl next time I'm there.

    What do you hatch your birds for? are they for meat or for alarm birds in pheasant pens?


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    Great pics.
    Looks like you had a great time


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    Quote Originally Posted by flatnm View Post

    Great pics.
    Looks like you had a great time

    Yep it was great. I'm now trying to schedule next years hunts and it is already getting tricky to find time but this one is taking pole position combined with a big 5 hunt in Zambia for some friends.

    We then need to find time to get out to Namibia for a springbock cull but I think I might be pushing my l;uck a bit with the missus!!

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