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Thread: hopless at knife sharpening

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    hopless at knife sharpening

    hi all
    is there someone on here or could anyone recomend me someone that could sharpen my knifes, im hopless make them worse instead of better

    atb sakowsm

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    Hi Sakowsm
    I was in a similar position, then I brought a lanskey sharpener kit (I think that how you spell it) it’s very simple to use and only takes a few minutes to keep the edge
    best of luck Will

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    Have you ever tried the Gatco or Lansky sharpener system??

    Very easy to use and give great results even in the hands of the worst "sharpeners"!
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    I'm hopeless at sharpening knives too but I'd love to make my own knife there's been some good posts about knife sharpening when I did a search,


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    2,743 are really good IMO - they do a cracking job on my kitchen knives when needed.

    And my apologies for what seems like a stupid web catch on their www address with this autocomplete thing.
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    I can put a nice edge on them mate, got some nice bench stones to do it. PM me if you're interested. I regularly razorise my mates ones. How many and of what steels are they?

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    buy a cheff's choice 120 you can get razor (shaving) sharp your self ijust a few minutes. After the first time you can get the edge back on it it within 30-40 seconds.


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    many thanks to all of you for your input, regards sakowsm

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    Not sure if posted on here elsewhere - apologies for being too lazy to look it up before posting. But there is a thread on British Blades and possibly Bushcraft UK under '5 sharpening kit'. Aside from discussing the kit, covers a little of the theory of what you should be trying to do.
    Nothing per se wrong with the Gatco/ Lansky etc type sets - they just provide a means of holding a consistant angle - which tends to be the key.

    Hope that helps - good luck.

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    I've used the Lansky and until (very) recently I had a Chef's Choice 120 - but I prefer the Spyderco Tri-Angle because the blade angle is consistent for all shapes & sizes of blades plus you can sharpen curved blades like gut openers.

    They are about 50 on eBay and lots of info on YouTube like
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