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Thread: a new farm

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    a new farm

    well got call from a mate to say to go and see a local farmer to ask for some shooting as he new to this he asked me to go with him so we went up and farmer was a bit cagey at first after we had told him bits about us both and the jobs we do have a lot of trust with them he says well last lad hasnt been since last year so yes its yours if you want it so we just got 525 acres of good arable land with 2 duck ponds on it2 woods of 30 acres and 1 plot of willow planting of 10 acres and all for doing the foxes around his chicken shed and some moleing as well just goes to prove if you dont ask you dont get only down side is doesnt want deer shot but im not grumbleing as around here this size of land permission is very hard to get


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    Quote Originally Posted by webby954 View Post
    only down side is doesnt want deer shot.....
    He will when they start on his willows.... be patient
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Well done sounds like you will have your work cut out with foxes willow seems to harbour them like little else as Si says gain his trust for a year or so first and show you know your place.quiatly point out willow damage next spring when the bucks rub and he may come round.

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    yes was thinking the same and the next door farm has nearly 80 acres of the stuff so will be asking them in future as well

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    I think you give out a good message to others looking for a piece of ground. You must get out there and talk with landowners. Present yourself as a responsible option to carry out vermin control and a benefit to the landowner. Once you have one piece, work at it proving to the landowner that what you told him to get the ground was correct. Keep in contact with the landowner so that you become part of land operation (secret is to do so whilst he is not busy with something else). The word will spread that you are responsible, trustworthy and deliver what you say.

    A mate and I do vermin control on quite a few farms that are all neighbouring simply because we did a good job on the first (and continue to do so). We even get phone calls from landowners looking for vermin control.

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    That post Gazza is just how it should be and i think that most people if they had this aroach would not need to look for any were to shoot or stalk people would look for them. This very aproach has worked for me and i have never needed to look for ground.

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    SS has it right.
    I found that once you get a toe in the door, much more can follow if you stay clean and polite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sausage Warrior View Post
    SS has it right.
    I found that once you get a toe in the door, much more can follow if you stay clean and polite.
    100% agree with that. Small steps and all that - Good work on landing the permission

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