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    lamp shy fox

    was out on tues night on a farm ive been asked to get the rabbit and fox numbers down nobody else shoots it and its the first time ive lamped it .it was very windy so not ideal but it was crawling with rabbits and were sitting well but the foxs the 2 i saw seemed very spooked they seemed lamp shy i called one in but as soon as the lamp was on just perriferal he was off i had a red filter on so eather they have been lamped by a s//t shot or it was the weather any thoughts ..would a different filter blue or amber help i dont want to buy n.v

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    One part of my permissions is similar the foxes, once they hear a call they are off or if u hit them
    With a bright lamp they are off as well. Luckily they aren't too concerned about an led torch or red filter. The led torch has a blueish tint to the light and these foxes aren't as put off by it. I would try an Amber filter although it will be brighter than the red and may also put them off. Try baiting one area which will give u more time for the shot.

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    As many foxes can be shot either just before dark or early morning as with the lamp. Get to know your foxes, they are very much creatures of habit. They will be out in daylight and the lamp shy fox can very often be caught out. There is a good possibility that your foxes are lamp shy or it may just have been that they winded you.

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    I have poachers here and if I use either white, red or amber everything scarpers. However: I got my hands on a green filter and everything just sat there looking at the funny light (but not for long ).
    Don't bother trying a red/amber filter on an LED torch as the LEDs are 'cool' and don't emit much in the red end of the spectrum. I was amazed at how much I could see with the green filter on and it doesn't muck up your night vision as much as I thought it would.
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    Bait left out during the day and a bit of camping will sort that one

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    Get yourself a Pulsar NV scope they are the dogs.

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    even tho 99.99% of the foxes i kill fall to the lamp and rifle there are other ways to control foxes snares, live traps, sitting up waiting, foxes driven to shotguns to name just a few so try not to get to fixed on just lamping

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    bang on sir everyone gets hung up on lamping , i dont call foxes in a lamp anymore if they stand all well and good if they run i can stop them . sitting out is good , i dig or bolt alot with terriers but if you want to kill foxes snare them simple as that

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    thanks guys i will take your suggestions on board snarings not an option as the land is not that close by and there are always dog walkers i dont want the farmer getting s//t for unchecked snares green filter is interesting and a bit of baiting maybe

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    just go back to using the clear light no filters for a few outings
    everybody uses filters so it makes little difference changing them as the fox is not that stupid
    Also don't lamp the fox, lamp the ground infront of it so it eyes just light up enough to see and shoot it

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