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Thread: 56mm Nightforce

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    56mm Nightforce

    Ive just bought a 56mm objective nightforce to go on my Tikka 595.

    I have 1 inch optilocks at the moment but does anyone know what height rings i need (30mm obviously) for the nightforce?

    Want it as low as possible really


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    im sure i have medium height opti,s with my 30mm/56mm obj scope on my tikka...but to be sure and you dont buy the wrong ones, take your rifle to your nearest gun shop and get them fitted..nothing worse than buying to realise there wrong.

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    Have a look here, pretty straightforward but consider your barrel profile as well.

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    Standard barrel you will get away with low, but if heavy barrel you will need medium's.

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    i had lows on a 50mm tube scope and you couldnt get a bc cap on it. you will need mediums

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    You can get away with lows with a sporter profile barrel and still have room for bc's.

    You do not need mediums.

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    It will depend on the barrel profile and to some extent the profile of your bell end (snigger,snigger) of the scope,i've got a 50mm zenith on my sako in extra low mounts and its a lovely low fit if i went for lows it would give me another 1.5mm on the extra lows and that would not be high enough to accomadate my 56mm zenith so that would need mediums,it will also affect the hieght needed if i had to have the scope mounted further back as the bell would then start clashing with the rise in the barrel profile or in my case the action.If you can get into a shop and try them its the only way to be 100% sure.
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