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Thread: Next Months Competition

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    Next Months Competition

    As a result of an act of kindness and great generosity next months competition will run twice, the month split in two. This is because we have an extra prize on offer this month.

    The extra prize has been donated by Jager Sporting Arms and the prize is,

    "I will offer the following: Barrel/action and bottom metal in any single colour or a stock in any single colour. If anyone wants mounts or moderator to match they pay for the additional coating and I will give my time free."

    So there you have it, look out for the competition.


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    There would appear to be posts missing from this thread. I was going to reply to a comment made earlier I believe by 6.5 x 55.

    My comment was going to say ‘’you cannot please all’’

    However the posts seem to have been deleted.

    Never mind I have said it any how!! But why??

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    The post was removed by request of the poster as he realised what he had said had not come out the way he meant it, so rather than cause offence he asked me to delete it, so I did.


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    I would normally edit my posts, rather than ask for deletion which I could perform myself of course!!

    Never mind, no harm done, and a very generous offer from Jager Sporting Arms.

    In advance, congratulations to the lucky winner.

    Hopefully the lucky recipient will post a couple of pictures of the finished product.

    Thanks for the reply.

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