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Thread: Trophy White Woodpigeon

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    Trophy White Woodpigeon

    Took this white woodpigeon on some barley stubble yesterday. We saw it fly off the field when we arrived and I comented that would be a trophy if it came back. It duly came in to the pattern on its own and i managed to kill it cleanly. After shooting literally thousands of woodies for over 30 years it is the first time I have seen one let alone taken one. May well have it stuffed as its quite a rarity.
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    i wouldnt bother , their a bugger to stop the feathers falling out . Oh and crop protection on barely stubble ?

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    Crop protection indeed and superb sport. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of woodpigeons are shot over stuble each year in Britain. Without getting into a debate about the general licence by reducing numbers we are protecting crops. Oh and I think I might bother, thanks for your input.

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    yes get it mounted as memories are great for rainy days and as for crop protection we were shooting on stubbles other day as his freshly drilled rape fields were to wet to get on and so we were protecting his crops as they were using both types of fields


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    Snap!!! I shot a similar 2 years ago and is still in the Deep freeze, if you find a good taxidermist please let me know. Mine is not quite so white but it was the first one I have seen in 35yrs of pigeon shooting.


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    Well done mate, a bit like you I have never seen a complete white woody, you should get it mounted, or no one will ever believe you
    Cheers Will

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    good to see , there are some good bags coming off the stubbles !

    ive had just shy of 200 this week over 3 days and off again on sunday

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    In the last thirty years iv shot thousands of pigeons over decoys never have i shot a white one.If it was me i would get it stuffed its a rare trophy .If you had shot a good trophy buck you would get it stuffed.

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    I shoot pigeon for fun, and not for crop protection,,,do you know how many you'd need to shoot to stop them and the rooks knocking the wheat/barley over!!!

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    That's why every one shot counts towards as crop protection! Population management...

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