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Thread: 9.3x74R help

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    9.3x74R help

    Anyone know a store in the yorkshire area where factory ammo for the above is in stock.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Expanding gear or solids??

    wow.. will there be any factory of that in the uk?! I suspect it would be cheaper to buy dies, brass and bullets from the states or europe and have it sent over than get a couple of boxes of that gear sorted... ouch

    dies wait a mo
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    sourced some geco at the right money (cheap as normal cf) but don't know how much there is.

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    Is geco any good, is it reasonably priced? Is it for you or a guest.. on roe

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    No paul for my new rifle a fabarm express O/U piggy gun.
    Geco is marketed by RWS.

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    Holy ****, that's a badboy . Are you sticking a reflex on in and when can we see pics?

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    very tidy but just 2 shots huh at least you'll leave some for the rest of us this time

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    York Guns have a rifle of that calibre in stock. Maybe worth a ring?

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