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Thread: Ultimate Deer Data (DSC1 revision)

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    Ultimate Deer Data (DSC1 revision)

    Ultimate Deer Data

    Unused and sealed. Can only be used on a single computer. This has never even been opened.

    From BDS:

    An interactive CD offering a complete training package enabling you to acquire and test your knowledge in preparation for taking the Deer Stalking Certificate 1 (DSC1). It details the requirements for all five assessments and provides comprehensive information on a massive range of deer related subjects.

    Can be used time and time again, allowing you to build a depth of knowledge and a thorough understanding of the correct answer to every question.

    The CD contains

    the full BDS Training Manual - all 302 pages in colour
    5 full colour interactive deer recognition assessment quizzes
    19 interactive general knowledge and large game quizzes
    over 600 photographs including recognition of all deer species
    shooting skills instruction and marksmanship principles
    'How To' - a guide to taking DSC1 assessments

    This will also be of benefit to those holding DSC1 to help maintain recognition skills, currency with legislation and deer matters in general. In addition, everyone interested in deer will find this product a valuable source of reference at all levels of education.

    49 + 4.80 = 53.80 from BDS, I will do it for 40 posted 2nd class recorded

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    is this the one where it can only be loaded 20 times then you have to pay again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by topgun View Post
    is this the one where it can only be loaded 20 times then you have to pay again?
    It can only be loaded on 1 PC, there is a code in the box and you need to be online to register. Once you've paid your money it will work as long as that computer does!

    You can do the quizzes as many times as you want

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    SOLD to the man above - pending the usual.

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