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Thread: budget binos

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    budget binos

    hi chaps
    been thinking of getting a upgrade on my binos but ive been swamped with waves of over priced junk in my price bracket im obviously on a budget which is no more than 250 and i would like to know your thoughts

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    Minox for that money. Do a search

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    2nd hand MINOX is the way to go

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    I know it's slightly above your budget but I got a pair of these Nikons for 350 and have not seen them under 550 anywhere.

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    I'd concur with Minox mate. I'm lucky enough to have got Swaro's when i was single, but i looked through a set of Minox binos a few weeks back and they shot to the top of the "Best of the rest" category in my view.

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    I have been approached by a company called Eden who sell outdoor equipment and Bino's. They have sent me a pair to try out and give my professional opinon on.

    The pair I have at the moment are 8x45 rubber armoured and nitro proofed barrels with a 25 year guarantee for 250.00. They seem reasonable for the money and the clarity is good, but I have yet to give them a hard work out in the highlands of Scotland, which i will in a few weeks time. In the meantime if you want me to pass you the company details I would be happy too. Pm me for details.


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    thanks chaps i will take all of your comments on board

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    It might be easy for me to say but save some more money and buy quality it will pay in the long run.

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