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Thread: Blaser/Sauer......for those who may not know

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    Blaser/Sauer......for those who may not know

    Attached is some info obtained from another forum site in Europe. The chap who posted it is known to me, is enthusiastic, also, well informed.....Here's what he said in November last year:

    Sauer, one of Germany's oldest gun and rifemakers have been known for their fine guns. The only problem was that their marketing was hopeless and they always have been thinking that good guns will sell themselves.
    Delivery times in Europe of up to two years for a rifle barrel; were not uncommon.

    The result of all this is that a while ago, they had to move their production to the Blaser factory in Isny.
    Now you can think of Blaser what you like, but at least they do know about marketing and that seems to have paid off for them.

    Since a couple of weeks they (Blaser) have acquired which formerly belonged to an obscure insurance company and they had to settle with
    They have launched a magazine and they actually have a contact phone number that you can call. (Until now all questions went via dealers, who on their turn were badly informed).
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    hopefully blaser will now draw inspiration from sauers design, and make some nice looking rifles

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    Blaser, Mauser and Sauer have all been owned by the same holding company for a while now. They are owned by 2 very wealthy German industrialists and actually they owned Sauer before they accuired Blaser and Mauser. Components for all 3 brands are all made at the same factory which is actually originally a Sigarms or now SigSauer factory I believe.

    The reason Sauer moved to Isny is that they had to come to a decision to separate the hunting side of the business from the SigSauer tactical law enforcement side.
    These two arms of the business have a very different customer base and they didn't feel it was a professional approach. so after the company Sigarms changed it's name to Sig Sauer in 2007 they needed to clearly redifine the JP Sauer brand and by moving to a dedicated JP Sauer and premises away from SigSauer this has been made significantly easier.

    They moved to Isny as the site already housed Blaser and Mauser and there was space for them to build the assembly line and product testing area as well as new offices and sales showrooms. They do not do any production there, they simply assemble the parts that are delivered from the production site in Ulm.

    The quality of JP Sauer rifles is amazing and out of all the factory guns out there it's the one I would go for. The assembly point and testing facility is second to none even down to the guy who spends hours every day on the bolt jewelling machine as that is done by hand and not simply pushing a button.

    I disagree that dealers were badly informed, it would really depend on the dealer. Give Steve Beaty a ring and then tell me that you think he doesn't know about Sauer rifles!!! retail customers are welcome at the factory but you can't simply turn up but, you can arrange a visit through your dealer if you're buying a rifle and you want to see what goes on. I guess it would depend on the grade of rifle you're buying though as to weather or not it's a free trip.


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    I don't doubt for one minute what you say M, however what I have posted was not said by me, but the post/opinion of a friend in Europe. His experience abroad (He owns a Sauer rifle and several barrels) may well be different to that in the UK.
    I personally don't know, as I've never looked as a potential buyer, at Sauer rifles.

    I have however looked as a serious potential buyer 8 years ago at Blaser rifles and could find no-one in England who knew diddly (Including Beechwood Equip't) or was prepared to go to any trouble to find out the info I wanted. Little though it was.
    The only person who knew his stuff was Gregor MacLeod of Tain & he gave me all the answers and some options I hadn't known about.
    I had not known until much later, that Sauer had/do produce(d) barrels for the Blaser rifles.
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    I own two Sauer rifles and my experience of the old importers beechwood was appalling. They really didn't know their ar** from their elbow. I remember on one occasion having to phone from my local dealers to get the guy to promise me he was actually touching the rifle he was telling me was in stock. The dealer had called them five minutes earlier to be told there was a five month wait for the model in question. Now back to the present:- I met the guys from the Sauer factory in Ulm this summer. Really nice enthusiastic bunch. I have an invite to go and visit the factory which is about an hour from Ulm. Anyone interested??

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    Count me in buckup.
    I tried to buy a 202 a couple of years ago but couldn't get a definate delivery date for the calibres I wanted. I ended up buying two other rifles instead.

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    I picked up a brand new left handed Sauer 202 in .308 from stock in Garlands a few months ago. It is an excellent piece of kit, sub 1" out of the box.

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    Its just a shame that in this country every sauer comes through Garlands, I've never known such a shower of **** in all my life, it pains me that any business i have with Sauer has to be done through their incompetance!

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    Go through one of their outlets like Ivythorn Sporting. Top advice, knowledge and doesn't ********

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    Quote Originally Posted by chopper View Post
    Go through one of their outlets like Ivythorn Sporting. Top advice, knowledge and doesn't ********
    Easier said than done. I recently returned my action to Garlands for repair, came back in a jiffy bag with my leupold bases smashed. Garlands basically said hard luck as I had signed for it. There's customer service for you from the sole importer. A threat of small claims court action, which I would have carried out for the sheer principal of it, and they paid up!

    The irony is I sent it back because of a fault with the action, and in the letter returned with it they said they had fixed it 'a little bit'. Looks like it will just have to go back to Germany for proper fixing,

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