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Thread: Poacher DNA testing

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    Poacher DNA testing

    BBC News - Human DNA trap set for deer poachers

    It seams unlikely to actually happen due to the prohibitively high cost but an interesting article non the same....

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    Great, now they've just told them how they do it so they can just gralloch with vinyl gloves on!

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    I understand minute DNA samples degrade pretty quickly in the open air, so I can only imagine how little DNA would be left after a day or so on a wet verge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Great, now they've just told them how they do it so they can just gralloch with vinyl gloves on!
    Not only that, the anti's will be bagging up gralloch and taking it into plod saying it's from poached deer and potentially cause legitimate stalkers some unnecessary aggro

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    To be fair though in the grand scheme of things, DNA means completely sod all unless you have something to compare it to!!

    So unless they catch the poacher in the first place and require the additional evidence to convict it is like a broken pencil....... pointless.

    I also can't see the police going through the cost of having it done when they don't seam that interested in poachers anyway!!

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    Monkey Spanker, vinyl or rubber gloves have proven not to be a problem.

    Think about it like this, you buy the gloves, and put em in a plastic bag in your stalking kit or they are in your bag/belt or pocket along with everything else you have touched, then when you put them on, you use your hands, this provides sufficient and sometimes more DNA than when using bare hands.

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    i know around here to try and combat poaching of our red deer they are dna testing the deer as there are only 3 different dna specific herds in our area so if the suspected poacher has a deer from one herd and its from an area where he has no right to shoot they can prosecute

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    I had a trailer stolen from my yard a couple of years ago. Last March i spotted it being towed by another builders van (trailer was a home made cattle trailer conversion) any how i informed the police and said if they wanted to take a paint sample off the trailer i still had the tin of paint that was used.
    Police were not interested and would not proseed any further as the new owner of the said trailer said he had it for 10 years!!! and the police just left it at that. I was talking to a copper from the force who said as it now cost them around £3000 to get a forensic test done as it is all done by private contractors . So they police are not keen to use it if they can avoid it DNA also cost a lot so it is not use as much as you would think either!!!. He said that i should just reive it one night and say nothing

    The nights are getting darker as well

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Great, now they've just told them how they do it so they can just gralloch with vinyl gloves on!
    Not so MS the research was done with guys wearing gloves sleevelets and even coveralls and the DNA of who gralloched it was still detectable.

    Jim Govan is the guy who gives the terminal ballistics lecture on the DCS best practice events.

    Although I have to agree it does show how not to get caught.


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    I just watched six programs on wild life crime officers mainly from scotland each week the program coverd three or four differnt subjects from deer poaching in glasgow to salmon poaching on the Tay. They caught no one and the program while suggesting a lot showed how the law is finding it really difficult to get any were near poachers. This DNA thing is just hot air.

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