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Thread: Hello from Wiltshire

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    Hello from Wiltshire

    Hello everyone.

    I have been lurking for months, reading the posts and learning a few new things.

    There are three things in life that I live for and they all start with S:




    and not necissarily in the right order, but it doesn't mean I am any good at any of them

    I look forward to contributing and perhaps meeting up with some of you sometime?

    Thanks for reading.


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    Welcome to the site Rangefinder...............Martin.

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    welcome rangefinder

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    Cheers Fella's

    I always find the intro thing difficult, never know what to say.

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    Welcome aboard.
    Where in Wiltshire are you?
    I used to live and work in wootton bassett

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    Did you work with JC 243?

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    No.( i think )
    Used to work for T H White on the Land Rovers About 10 years ago


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    Apologies Jonathon

    The guy we know shares your name and moved back up north in the summer and he lived & worked at Wotton Basset.

    I'm near Chippenham


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