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Thread: Beretta 687 28G EELL Diamond Pigeon....

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    Beretta 687 28G EELL Diamond Pigeon....

    I am selling my as new Beretta 687 28g EELL Sideplate game with multi-choke 28" barrells with astounding exhibition wood and has fired less than 200 cartridges. A perfect example of a true to scale O/U 28G and comes with case, chokes as it would from GMK. I scoured the UK for wood like this and rejected three before i bought this one... model 46050 on GMK website and now 6015 rrp.
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    I wish... swap for a baikal?

    Lovely gun, great investment (the beretta)

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    You didn't put a price on it...

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    Well used ones are 3850 and as new are around 4850 according to Guntrader.. i would like to get just over 4000?? It could go back on the shelf as new.. i bought it as soon as i seen the woodwork which can be a hit or a miss even on a EELL, mine is a perfect 50/50 dark walnut mix oiled to a mirror finish... Honest!!!

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    red dot good luck with your sale .
    I was hopeing to hear a report or two on how you got on with it on those high pheasants
    regards pete .

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    Hi Pete... i used it for the first time last week on decoyed pigeons with 28g cartridges and to be honest it is just another shotgun.. i have too many and maybe never use this one again.

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    nice gun shouldent take to long to sell ATB pete .

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    Thanks for your replies guys... i know it is a luxury shotgun and cash is tight in that part of the market. I like it because it is a true 28g not a 12g or 20g with small barrells fitted as Browning do but it is by no means a toy and a delight to shoot and own....

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    No takers.....?

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