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Thread: Cumbria Police Firearms Lic Dept.

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    Cumbria Police Firearms Lic Dept.


    For info, just thought I would extoll the virtues of Cumbria Police.

    I applied for a variant to my section one, and was advised that it would be four to six weeks. I got my amended licence back in just under two weeks.



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    I have dealt with them for 60 years and found them to be `the cream of the team`unlike some of the disaster areas we read about on here.


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    I have got about a bit (so to speak) and Cumbria have been the best constabulary to deal with bar none. I'm currently just in Lancashire but its almost worth moving house just to have a Cumbria Certificate again!!


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    Just One of the joy's of living in God's Country
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    Ill back up all coments here a 1

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    yes never ever had any problems that havnt been sorted asap

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    I will have to move up there, hants are 6+weeks for a one for one, and upto 5 months for a renewal on a fellow club members ticket.

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    their first class , i was off to poland for boar one year , got packed on friday to fly monday and couldnt find mt ticket phoned them up friday lunch time picked up a new one saturday morning , no questions no hassle no problem

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    i am moving down

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    They truly are a cracking team, 1st time application was 10 days and both variations ive put in have been sub 14 days from posting off to getting a shiny new ticket.

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