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Thread: Fly blowen roe coronets

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    Fly blowen roe coronets

    Got a report yesterday from North Yorks keeper who has had to shoot some bucks with maggot infestation around coronets. Has anyone else come across this.
    When I first took over some stalking that had bucks so thick on the ground you could see several in a small area I found some in similer condition put it down to lack of management and bucks fighting.
    so I try and get bucks culled in april now and have not seen maggot problem since.
    Anyone found similer thing

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    I can't say I hav seen it in Roe
    but I hav seen it in Fallow and also in Reindeer
    normally when the velvet is starting to peel as there are plenty of flies about at that time of year which get on the case, especially as there is a bit of blood about and the coronet is a soft target for flyblow
    I don't think that lack of management has any thing to do with it and can honestly that fighting has not caused it in some of the cases I hav seen, but others may hav found different

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    Something like this unfortunate buck?

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    Quote Originally Posted by digger9523 View Post
    Something like this unfortunate buck?

    Hopefully that beast was put out of its misery very soon after this clip.Pityful sight and looked very sore and irratating.

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    [QUOTE=digger9523;257481]Something like this unfortunate buck?

    ouch that looks bad would be swapping camera for rifle double quick.

    Stone yes can understand it when deer are in velvet in fact shot a red similer trying to get through a deer fence a few years ago it must have been trying for a day or two as it had made a muddy track along the fence line.

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    My mate shot one about a year ago, it was a few weeks after the rut, it looked similar to the one in the video, but the animal was very thin,

    i will try i get those pics of him

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    I shot one a while back now that had a maggot problem round the coronets,but,apart form that he was in tip top condition.


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