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Thread: Just seen the ugliest

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    Just seen the ugliest

    deffo, hands down, ugliest rifle ever made

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    Your playing with fire knocking a Blaser on here...

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    yep , thats a pig

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    I believe the butt-stock and pistol grip and trigger set up are based upon the Mauser SR93. The front of the fore stock is similar to some america whacked out stock designs often seen in the 10/22 challenge.

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    That's definitly a rifle designed to be used in the dark - as with all blasers

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    I had one at my range open day last year in 338 lap mag, we charged per round with proceeds going to H4H, there was a queue all day long on both days!

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    Oh I don't about that PKL,
    I shoot a Howa with an Axiom synthetic stock and it works fine for me but the laminated thumbhole stock some Howas are "wearing" makes me realise "to each his own"

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    PKL, where have you been? That rifle has been around for years.

    It is not pretty, but it shoots extremely well.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Just read the blurb on it, reads faintly like one of those you get on Ebay, describing stuff from China, certainly doesn't have a good ring to it.
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    I'm no blaser fan, nor do I like m16 type rifles.
    But I rather like the look of this it looks like it means business.

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