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Thread: nissan navara any ideas

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    nissan navara any ideas

    i have a 53 plate navara and it drives A1 lovely and comfy .but every now and again while driveing along the engine cuts out i roll to a stop turn her off and restart it and away i go for about another 5/6 weeks before it happens again anyone know what it could be causeing this .noel

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    Guessing it will have something to do with the fuel shut off on the fuel pump,perhaps shorting somewhere,mine loves sucking air though when the tanks low and your going down a steep hill but then its not easy to start again so wouldn't think its that.

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    yeah i never let the tank down below half way .its strange how it does it every 5/6 weeks ?

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    The other thing that did cross my mind is the NATS,i think it acts as an immobiliser but i haven't really got a clue about it and wether it could cause any problems like that,i would check any wire terminals on the fuel pump first and just make sure there's no problems there.

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    Have you got a loose microchip in the key ?

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    Had a ford that did this not on time but on distance travelled usually about 70miles turned out to be a tiny hole in the fuel line causing a air lock it would start within five minutes and go on for another 70miles took months to solve as it would not do it in the workshop and by the time the fitter got to you it would start first time.

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    my money is on the EMs engine management system most cars have a crash detection system in these days to cut power to the fuel pump in the event of an accident. like anything wonderful while it is working but any number of sensors in the engine compartment and body work if it has full and side impact air bags can send this signal to the pump I had this on brother in-laws 51 plate TDI disco. far to many sensors to test and find and replace I found a guy at a local garage with diagnostic software he found the fault with his pc plugged in to the ems Via its fault report took it home i ordered the new sensor change the the offending part no more cutting out problem

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    Hope for your sake its not the fuel pump,big money to sort,there is also some chip on top of some models of pumps,hopefully its just that but if its the pump you could be looking at a rather large bill
    The way she resets herself after being turned off suggests it could be something to do with your engine management chip,not a mechanic though so just going on past experience with an isuzu i had
    When driving up hills does it lose power and then come to a stop?
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    Best to get someone to check the system for any faults recorded by the engine management system. The fact that it cuts the engine but once you cycle the ignition it starts again would indicate a fault with the electrical side of things, perhaps a crank sensor failing. The next time it does it, while you are still on the move switch the ignition off and then on again (don't take the key out!!) if it's a sporadic electrical fault it'll probably fire up again and run so you won't have to pull over.

    One things for sure, get it checked out because somethings about to go and when it does you won't be able to start it again!

    Might be worth sticking the fault in google, it may be a known problem and you could pick up some info on it.

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    My thoughts are with the EMS however I have a 55 plate D22 model and I had a problem whereby the ignition lights would flicker on and it would either cut out or run very rough.
    This would happen every couple of days.
    Despite it having just been serviced, it was problems with the fuel filter. I replaced it and there was all sorts of gunk in the filter housing.
    Easy to check yourself and rather than loosen the filter housing using a special tool, its very easy to remove the whole housing thingy after disconnecting the fuel lines.
    Worth a try as its only a 5 min job and very easy to do.
    Hope you get it sorted.

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